Property Expressions

A property expression is an expression that is assigned to a property to enable dynamic update of the property at run time.

The following properties can be changed by expressions:
  • Default Segments
  • Dimensions Filter
  • End Date
  • Max Results
  • Metrics Filter
  • Password
  • Profile
  • Start Date
  • Start Index
  • Username

How to use expressions:

(Please excuse the German screenshots. I will change this later)

1. In the control flow click on the data flow that contains the SSIS GoogleAnalyticsSource component.


2. Select Expressions in the propertygrid of the data flow and click on the button "..."


3. Select a property from the dropdown box and click on the button "..."


4. In the expression editor you can define an expression


For Metrics Filter and Dimensions Filter use the following syntax:

Dimension|Operator|Expression;Dimension|Operator|Expressions; respectively Metric|Operator|Expression;Metric|Operator|Expressions;
For Example: Browser|ga:browser|==|Opera;City|ga:city|==|Bonn;


Further information:

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adilaziz Dec 28, 2011 at 6:59 PM 
Hi Tillmann, I am trying to create one package with the DateTime Varilables and with Multiple Profiles but no luck! Can you please tell me the right way to setup @StartDate and @ EndDate varilables. Also how can i load data from multiples profiles into a single table.
If possible can you email or upload the sample Package for these task..