DataType Mapping


Name APIName DataType Length Precision Scale
Browser ga:browser DT_WSTR 255
Browser Version ga:browserVersion DT_WSTR 255
City ga:city DT_WSTR 255
Connection Speed ga:connectionSpeed DT_WSTR 255
Continent ga:continent DT_WSTR 255
Country ga:country DT_WSTR 255
Date ga:date DT_WSTR 8
Day ga:day DT_WSTR 2
Days Since Last Visit ga:daysSinceLastVisit DT_I4
Flash Version ga:flashVersion DT_WSTR 255
Hostname ga:hostname DT_WSTR 255
Hour ga:hour DT_WSTR 2
Is Mobile ga:isMobile DT_BOOL
Java Enabled ga:javaEnabled DT_BOOL
Language ga:language DT_WSTR 8
Latitude ga:latitude DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Longitude ga:longitude DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Month ga:month DT_WSTR 2
Network Domain ga:networkDomain DT_WSTR 255
Network Location ga:networkLocation DT_WSTR 255
Operating System ga:operatingSystem DT_WSTR 255
Operating System Version ga:operatingSystemVersion DT_WSTR 255
Page Depth ga:pageDepth DT_I4
Region ga:region DT_WSTR 255
Screen Colors ga:screenColors DT_WSTR 12
Screen Resolution ga:screenResolution DT_WSTR 12
Sub Continent ga:subContinent DT_WSTR 255
User Defined Value ga:userDefinedValue DT_WSTR 255
Visit Count ga:visitCount DT_I4
Visit Length ga:visitLength DT_I4
Visitor Type ga:visitorType DT_WSTR 255
Week ga:week DT_WSTR 2
Year ga:year DT_WSTR 4
Ad Content ga:adContent DT_WSTR 255
Ad Group ga:adGroup DT_WSTR 255
Ad Slot ga:adSlot DT_WSTR 255
Ad Slot Position ga:adSlotPosition DT_WSTR 255
Campaign ga:campaign DT_WSTR 255
Keyword ga:keyword DT_WSTR 255
Medium ga:medium DT_WSTR 4000
Referrel Path ga:referrelPath DT_WSTR 4000
Source ga:source DT_WSTR 255
Exit Page Path ga:exitPagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Landing Page Path ga:landingPagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Next Page Path ga:nextPagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Page Path ga:pagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Page Title ga:pageTitle DT_WSTR 255
Previous Page Path ga:previousPagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Second Page Path ga:secondPagePath DT_WSTR 4000
Affiliation ga:affiliation DT_WSTR 255
Days To Transaction ga:daysToTransaction DT_WSTR 255
Product Category ga:productCategory DT_WSTR 255
Product Name ga:productName DT_WSTR 255
Product SKU ga:productSku DT_WSTR 255
Transaction ID ga:transactionId DT_WSTR 255
Visits To Transaction ga:visitsToTransaction DT_I4
Search Category ga:searchCategory DT_WSTR 255
Search Destination Page ga:searchDestinationPage DT_WSTR 4000
Search Keyword ga:searchKeyword DT_WSTR 255
Search Keyword Refinement ga:searchKeywordRefinement DT_WSTR 255
Search Start Page ga:searchStartPage DT_WSTR 4000
Search Used ga:searchUsed DT_BOOLEAN
Event Category ga:eventCategory DT_WSTR 255
Event Action ga:eventAction DT_WSTR 255
Event Label ga:eventLabel DT_WSTR 255
AdWords Ad Group ID ga:adwordsAdGroupId DT_WSTR 255
AdWords Campaign ID ga:adwordsCampaignId DT_WSTR 255
AdWords Creative ID ga:adwordsCreativeId DT_WSTR 255
AdWords Criteria ID ga:adwordsCriteriaId DT_WSTR 255
AdWords Customer ID ga:adwordsCustomerId DT_WSTR 255


Name APIName DataType Length Precision Scale
Bounces ga:bounces DT_I4
Entrances ga:entrances DT_I4
Exits ga:exits DT_I4
New Visits ga:newVisits DT_I4
Pageviews ga:pageviews DT_I4
Time On Page ga:timeOnPage DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Time On Site ga:timeOnSite DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Visitors ga:visitors DT_I4
Visits ga:visits DT_I4
Ad Clicks ga:adClicks DT_I4
Ad Cost ga:adCost DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Impressions ga:impressions DT_I4
Unique Pageviews ga:uniquePageviews DT_I4
Item Revenue ga:itemRevenue DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Item Quantity ga:itemQuantity DT_I4
Transactions ga:transactions DT_I4
Transaction Revenue ga:transactionRevenue DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Transaction Shipping ga:transactionShipping DT_NUMERIC 18 12
TransactionTax ga:transactionTax DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Unique Purchases ga:uniquePurchases DT_I4
Search Depth ga:searchDepth DT_I4
Search Duration ga:searchDuration DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Search Exits ga:searchExits DT_I4
Search Refinements ga:searchRefinements DT_I4
Search Uniques ga:searchUniques DT_I4
Search Visits ga:searchVisits DT_I4
Goal Completions All ga:goalCompletionsAll DT_I4
Goal Starts All ga:goalStartsAll DT_I4
Goal Value All ga:goalValueAll DT_NUMERIC 18 12
Total Events ga:totalEvents DT_I4
Unique Events ga:uniqueEvents DT_I4
Event Value ga:eventValue DT_I4

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