Use OAuth2.0 token instead of Gmail user/password

Jun 25, 2015 at 3:15 PM
In the current SSIS component UI, I have to enter gmail acount and password, and then the Access Token is populated as read only. Could you explain me how to set up OAuth instead of user login?

So actually, what we’re doing is granting your API Project (SSIS GoogleAnalyticsSource) access to our account. Which I think means all the API requests count against your quota, not ours.
My question is, whether we can get it to use our OAuth service account?

In the Google Developer Console (where we have the project with the credit card), I can set up an OAuth ‘service account’ (described as ‘Calls Google APIs on bealf of your application instead of an end-user’, which sounds right). This gives me a username (a fake email address) and a certificate.