How to add SSIS GAS to SSIS Toolbox?

Dec 2, 2014 at 5:48 PM
I am a newbe and I discovered SSIS GoogleAnalyticsSource just today. Actually I discovered Google Analytics yesterday. I am running SQL Server 2012 and BIDS 2012 as well. I downoladed and installed SSIS GAS v.3 but I cannot find it on my machine. Can you please help me?
Dec 3, 2014 at 12:17 AM
You would go to Tools menu in BIDS, navigate to Choose Toolbox Item and you would select component listed under SSIS Data Flow Items tab. This worked for me in version 1.2 for BIDS supplied with SQL 2008 R2. However I am not able to find version 1.7 this way with same BIDS. I also tried SSDT supplied with SQL 2012 and it did not show up. I will be trying to install SSDT from 2014 and see if I can see it there.

I also read some posts about registering the component manually to make it work. It would be greatly helpful if someone can share their success story. Thanks.
Dec 3, 2014 at 2:08 PM
Thank you so much, prmody! I did have it in my Data Flow toolbox. Sorry I was looking at the wrong place. Now when I have and include in my Data Flow task I would appreciate the link to example HOW to use it. I am not knowledgeable in Google Analytics so certainly a good Tutorial for Google Analytics would be a very big help.